Zoltán Homonnay

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Zoltán Homonnay is a full professor at Institute of Chemistry, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), in Budapest, Hungary, where he teaches Nuclear Chemistry and Nuclear Environmental Science.

Dr. Homonnay received his Ph.D. degree  in 1987 at the Eötwös Loránd University under the supervision of Academician Attila Vertés. He obtained a title Doctor of Science (D.Sc) from Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2000 and habilated in 2001 at the Eötwös Loránd University.

He spent two years (1989-1990) at Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA as a postoctoral student working with Prof. Amar Nath. As a Humboldt Fellow he spent six months at  the Johannes Gutenberg  Universität, working with Professor Philipp Gütlich, Mainz, Germany.

At the present Dr. Homonnay is a Deputy Director General of the Teachers’s Education Center of Eötvös Loránd University and  Head of the Laboratory for Nuclear Chemistry, ELTE. In the past he was a director of the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry, ELTE (2012-2015), vice-dean of the Faculty of Sciences, ELTE (207-2012.

His fields of interest are various applications of Mössbauer spectroscopy, including metallurgy, corrosion, minerals, high-Tc superconductors, perovskites, coordination compounds, and investigation of aftereffects in Co-57 labeled complexes.