Vijayendra Garg

Lecture title: Mössbauer spectroscopy of SPIONs.

Vijayendra Garg obtained his Ph. D. degree in condensed matter physics - Mössbauer spectroscopy at the Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India (1971) under the supervision of  Professor Satya Pal Puri. In June 1972, he moved to the Institute of Physics of University of Brasilia and retired as a title of professor in September 2001.

Continue to work as a Senior research scientist (honorary) at the Institute of Physics,  University of Brasilia where  he is responsible for the Mössbauer laboratory of the Institute.

His scientific interests include experimental physics, scientific instrumentation design and maintenance, development of technology, instrumentation and scientific services. Over the years, he has studied EFG and MSD quadrupole anisotropy (theoretical and experimental) in crystals containing iron, f factor calculation recoilless and thermal displacement, structural studies and iron(II) binding; iron(III) spin down; structural studies of compounds and iron(II) binding; iron(III) compounds at low spin; frozen solutions; thermal decomposition studies; lanthanide compounds; mixed oxide systems; dispersing impurities; mineral sulfides; clays; natural minerals containing iron; anomalous magnetic behavior; and nanoparticles and magnetic fluids.

Currently, his laboratory is focused on studies of SPIONs.