Nataliya Chistyakova

Lecture title: Mössbauer spectroscopy in microbial transformations of iron-containing minerals.

Nataliya Chistyakova is an associate professor at Faculty of Physics, M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.

Fields of interest include:

  • Mössbauer study of different iron-containing minerals: sulphides, oxides, hydroxides, phyllosilicates.
  • Kinetics of iron sulfides crystallization (pyrite, mackinawite, greigite, tochilinite, valleriite).
  • Isomorphous substitution in compounds of stannite group. Mössbauer and magnetic studies of nanocomposites containing iron oxides and natural polymers.
  • Study of iron reduction processes by dissimilatory Fe(III)-reducing bacteria.