Marija Perović

Lecture title: Magnetic relaxation in super spin glass systems – search for high temperature memory effects.

Marija Perović is a research associate in Laboratory for Theoretical Physics and Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča, Belgrade, Serbia.

Dr. Perović received Bachelor of Science degree (2006) in theoretical and experimental physics, Master of Science (2007) and PhD degree (2013) in condensed matter physics from the Faculty of Physics, Belgrade University. Her dissertation research was focused on ‘Magnetic relaxations and memory effects in interacting nanoparticle manganites and iron oxides’.

Since 2006. she has been employed in the Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinča working in the group of Prof. Dr. V. Spasojević. In 2009. M. Perović completed a three-month professional training in the field of Mössbauer spectroscopy in the group of Prof. Dr. O. Schneeweiss (Electrical and Magnetic Properties Group, Institute of Physics of Materials, Brno, Czech Republic). Her scientific activities comprise synthesis of MNPs and their structural and magnetic characterization.

The special focus is on the investigation of spin glass like behaviour and specific magnetic phenomena which appear in nanoparticle systems when strong magnetic interparticle interactions are present.