Ko Mibu

Lecture title: Studies on thin iron-oxide films as components for spintronics devices using conventional and synchrotron-radiation Mössbauer spectroscopy.

Ko Mibu is a professor at the Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya, Japan.

His scientific interest is focused on studying the magnetic thin films, multilayers and nanostructures which are prepared with thin-film deposition and microfabrication techniques. His research is specifically oriented to the understanding how the magnetic properties are controlled by the size, shape, and interfacial conditions, and searching for new materials with novel physical properties. He received his Ph.D. degree in inorganic chemistry from Kyoto University, 1991. 

He was a research associate at the Institute of Chemical Research, (1991-1999),  associate professor (1992-2002). and  professor (2002-2005) at the Kyoto University.